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Digital Literacies Tinkering Assignment 2: GIF

Manuel Neuer with a spectacular save in EURO 2016. 100 Brilliant Saves by Manuel Neuer – YouTube – This content is both in Transformative and Educational nature.

Learning a new skill is essential. Creating online content is an extremely difficult task owing to the fact that I had no formal training on how to use software and websites for video editing, photo editing and compilation. Focusing on the tinkering assignment bank from DS106, I have focused on working on developing my fresh content rather than relying on pre-existing ones.

Nowadays, a lot of teenagers communicate with GIFs and stickers on all social media platforms. From my perspective, I always see GIFs (with a J) as catchy and appealing. Therefore, I decided to create my own GIF. Seeing that I enjoy soccer and used to play as a goalkeeper, I decided to create a GIF based on ds106 Assignments: Best Sports Play. Manuel Neuer, a goalkeeping legend, is seen to save a close range in the opposite direction of where he was moving. Incredible footwork, Incredible Reflexes, Instant Reaction… Goalkeeping at its finest.

There were a plethora of online software to create GIFs. The following software Imgflip – Create and Share Awesome Images I used limited resolution and some functionality in order to force us to pay the premium subscription (which I won’t do); however, this website was easy to use and simple. I simply inputted the seconds I wanted to create the GIF at and download it. I thought the process was much harder than this; however, this just merely proves that “Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will”.


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