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Digital Literacies Tinkering Assignment 3: Visual Assignments

The following assignment follows the following guidelines: ds106 Assignments: Places of Peace. I will try to challenge myself and add a story with this collage. With that being said, I am ignorant when it comes to visual communications and such. I needed to enhance how I create visual content.

Seeing the dystopian nature of COVID 19, I really miss getting back at times where I was at peace. Times were I did not wear to a mask. Times were I was free and where I felt happy. This was on the eve of December 31st, 2019. It was on this where I went to Saudi Arabia, a holy land containing both the Kaaba and Masjid El Nabawy. My family and I went to El Madina first. It was an amazing experience. A lot of people from all over the globe simply were there to worship God. There is no need to mention the amazing free Zamzam which quenches your thirst regardless of the heat (It was December 31 so the weather was good). The mosque was super clean and you could simply feel those Islamic vibes everywhere. I felt close to God and repented upon my sins. Mecca was a bit more different, a bit modern. The Kaaba was huge and undergoing huge expansions to absorb the huge capacities. I prayed a lot and read a lot of Quran and I hope God accepts such. I hope I can revisit again soon to feel close to God and repent.

The picture of the sea is from Sharm el Sheikh, the most underrated resort in Egypt. I’ve been going there since I was a baby and still do enjoy it. This a place where I go to let go of the complexities of Cairo and simply be myself. It is peaceful and enjoyable. My room directly overlooks the beautiful mountains. Honestly, I wish to go back again soon when COVID is over.

Using Canva, I was able to import images and explore the different functionalities it offers. This would be really useful for branding managers since it can save uploaded images, and store your brand manual (Pro Feature) to make design accessible and easy. It offers the user several picture resolutions/templates which they can work with and highly editable. There is no need to mention that there are images that are free to use (no copyright or attribution required) in your works. In essence, this is a great tool for beginners like to me explore and is advanced and used by many professionals world wide aside other editing software.


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