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Self Development Post 3

Journey: The past 3 months were the first ever on-ground experience for me. I was appointed by my neighbour to do the exterior paint finishes and marble works that were installed. Seeing that he was neighbour, I gave the neighbour the contacts of the (صنايعي-Worker) as a sign of good faith that I will notContinue reading “Self Development Post 3”


CORE 2096: Student Feedback and Reflection

It is now 10:55 am on May 25,2021. The student Adham is now in an interview regarding his feedback on this course. Interviewer: Student Adham, kindly explain what you have from learned from this course? Adham: There are a lot of different things that I have learned from this course which can be categorized intoContinue reading “CORE 2096: Student Feedback and Reflection”

Appreciation Post (Prelude to Reflection)

Prior to answering the required questions posed by Dr. Maha, I need to add that one of the most important things I learned from this course was assessing my surroundings, experiences and reflecting upon them. In order to come up with the following reflection, I visited all of my previous blogposts, work, and Google DriveContinue reading “Appreciation Post (Prelude to Reflection)”

Self Development Post #2

Data Analysis Courses: The previous month, I have been focusing on developing my coding skills. I have enrolled in 2 courses offered by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology under Udacity. I have successfully completed the Data Analysis: Challenger track. Under such track, I was exposed the different types of data, and their applications.Continue reading “Self Development Post #2”

The Stevens Initiative: Soliya

The notion of identity – personal, religious, ethnic, or national – is one that has given rise to heated passions and fuelled nationalism inducing crimes throughout the history of mankind. What is it that makes each one of us unique and dissimilar is their collective experience and not their origin. The Stevens initiative truly shedContinue reading “The Stevens Initiative: Soliya”

Digital Literacies Theory Assignment 5: The Health of the Internet

Pretext: COVID 19 has accelerated the already existing exponential growth of big tech companies. The global pandemic has pushed a lot of entrepreneurs to find online solutions to pre-existing and urgent problems. Although the pandemic, labelled as black swan event, gave rise to numerous technological solutions for contact tracing and movement control, the pandemic highlightedContinue reading “Digital Literacies Theory Assignment 5: The Health of the Internet”

Digital Literacies Tinkering Assignment 4: Design Assignments

The following assignment follows the following guidelines: ds106 Assignments: Favorite Movie Quote. These guidelines require that we impose a quote from our favorite movie upon a snippet from the movie itself. I will relate this to discovery of blackholes and how I discuss the accuracy of the movie itself. Using Gravit, an online photo editor,Continue reading “Digital Literacies Tinkering Assignment 4: Design Assignments”

Digital Literacies Tinkering Assignment 3: Visual Assignments

The following assignment follows the following guidelines: ds106 Assignments: Places of Peace. I will try to challenge myself and add a story with this collage. With that being said, I am ignorant when it comes to visual communications and such. I needed to enhance how I create visual content. Seeing the dystopian nature of COVIDContinue reading “Digital Literacies Tinkering Assignment 3: Visual Assignments”

Digital Literacies Tinkering Assignment 2: GIF

Learning a new skill is essential. Creating online content is an extremely difficult task owing to the fact that I had no formal training on how to use software and websites for video editing, photo editing and compilation. Focusing on the tinkering assignment bank from DS106, I have focused on working on developing my freshContinue reading “Digital Literacies Tinkering Assignment 2: GIF”