Digital Literacies Tinkering Assignment 3: Visual Assignments

The following assignment follows the following guidelines: ds106 Assignments: Places of Peace. I will try to challenge myself and add a story with this collage. With that being said, I am ignorant when it comes to visual communications and such. I needed to enhance how I create visual content. Seeing the dystopian nature of COVIDContinue reading “Digital Literacies Tinkering Assignment 3: Visual Assignments”

Coded Bias Reflection

During her first semester, the main character was astonished by the fact that the machine learning algorithms were unable to recognize black faces while white faces were recognizable with the algorithm she used. Upon further exploration, she recalls the failed experiment of Amazon’s AI for resume filtration which resulted in the rejection of all womenContinue reading “Coded Bias Reflection”

Self Development #1

Academic Commitments: Prior to Assignment: Committing 3 hours of my day for studying, I have always been committed to attain excellent grades. I really believe in the value of education and working hard to engrave the engineering fundamentals within. After Reflection: Since I work 2-part time jobs during my semester, I barely have enough timeContinue reading “Self Development #1”

Research for Game

Research for Game The Traditional Delivery Method In this arrangement the owner hires a design professional who prepares a complete set of contract documents for the owner for a design fee. With a complete set of contract documents in hand, the owner either negotiates a price with a general contractor or bids out the workContinue reading “Research for Game”


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