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Digital Literacies TinkeringAssignment 1: Writing Piece


As I move through the motions of life, I always feel so unsure about my future. I fear to become a nobody. A useless person. Fear… I have a lot of open career paths but I do not know what I want to pursue yet. I hope I make my family proud one day. The following prompt is: ds106 Assignments: Nonconformity


What does it mean to be a person? Physically existing, as we all do, is a simple and slightly correct answer. I, personally, say that merely existing does not qualify you to be a person. It only qualifies you to be a lump of organic matter, a pile of organic matter whose sole purpose is to go through the motions of daily life, never contributing to humanity anything unique.

         To be a person and elevate yourself from a class populated by the brute beasts of burden you must think for yourself. Do not blindly follow the masses. Think for yourself. Do not be a speck in the crowd, whose journey from cradle to grave is undocumented, unremarkable, and forgotten with ease. Instead strike out into the uncharted unknown. Carve out an identity for yourself. Do not conform to what is told to you. If everyone around you listens to a genre of music that genre does not appeal to you then do not listen it. Do not conform. Think for yourself. Find a genre of music that appeals to you. Only you know your true self and so you must not let others decide for you. As Ralph Waldo Emmerson said, “Trust thyself”. Only you know your true self. Do not let others decide who you are instead of you. The path to doing so is not to conform to the will of the masses i.e. nonconformity.

         At the same time you must be wary of nonconformity. If you differ from the masses because you see others doing so. If you follow in the footsteps created by those who created their own way then you are no better than if you never left the previous crowd. Why is that? Because nonconformity is based on you finding your own way. If you follow the way of others who have broken away from the crowd then you may as well have never left the crowd because you did not create a new way for yourself. You only found a more charismatic person to follow.

         All of that is the essence of nonconformity. Nonconformity is arguably the most important part in any person because it is what defines him, sets him apart from the rest, and gives him his identity.


Creating your own assignment in essence is much more enjoyable and engaging than what I would have previously thought!


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