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Digital Literacies Blogpost

Results of Test:

 I believe that my digital profile, which has been compiled and done by the following resource Digital Profile 18-04-2017 (, is a solid reflection of me. As a teenager, I am keen to learn all the new technologies emerging whether it be social media related or technical.

Seeking hopefully to invest in stocks soon, I have been using Reddit forums to better understand financial markets, Discord to communicates with subject matter experts (SMEs), and Facebook and the internet to access relevant news which tends to affect the stock performance. Example: When the news of Minapharm producing COVID vaccines were announced, the stock price increased significantly. On a separate note, the Coded Bias assignment has referred me to watch the Social Dilemma movie which has increased my awareness on data usage and privacy.

In conclusion, this course has well has constantly challenged me on how to further enhance my communication area and better use social platforms and blogs to express myself. Big thanks to Dr. Maha for teaching us copyrights and different types of licensing for images. 

Digital Skills vs Digital Literacies:

Digital skills focus on what and how. Digital literacy focuses on why, when, who, and for whom.”

This resonated with myself greatly. For me digital skills vs digital literacies is analgous to the difference between a construction engineer and an architect. Construction engineers are focused on how to erect a builing safely and what is the budget needed for such. Architects take into account the usage of the buildings, the type of users, the program requirements, the intended purpose of the project, and circulation of people. Architects are not merely concerned with how to build a building but more on using their judgement to ensure that the target audience has his criteria met, that the building is accessible to differently abled students, and fulfilling the intended purpose of the project.

Apart from the analogy, I do believe that skills vs literaces also tackles on how to actively learn how to use such systems. You can teach people to use Facebook; however, there needs to be greater focus on how to use the plethore of different social media outlets and how you can each to learn and convey your message. There also needs to be “Project based learning” to stimulate an active learning environment since I honestlly learn more from practical matters than theoritical.

People also need to be aware of the backend of such. They need  to undertsand how their data is used and how online searches are displayed (Refer to my previous blogpost on such – Coded Bias). This honeslty reminds me of my scientific thinking course which always focused on making us skeptical to online content and the need to fact check the data displayed. There needs to be greater awareness on how to use such cotent; hence, using judgement wisely.

Goals for the Semester:

Based on my profile, I need to enhance my communication and collaboration section. This is would also benefit myself professionally since I am now responsible for creating a social media strategy for the company I work for to engage people and divert traffic to our website. There is no need to mention that I have 0 design skills and this would be a beneficial exercise. Some of the tools I might use are Canva, Powerpoint and other relevant software. Therefore, I am going to pursue the tinkering path whereas I focus on communication and collaboration whilst enhancing my other skills.


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