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Reason for Choice:

I wanted to put myself in the shoes of low income citizens in the United States and see how would I react. For me, it was the eye-opening experience I will attain which was needed to further appreciate what I have.


The impossible choices I had to undertake to make sure that the I win this game are simply unrealistic. I had to live 50 miles from work, sell a lot of my belongings in a garage sale to make my apartment fit, ignored having health insurance, did not pay the car registration (car was impounded), did not make my kids go to any trips, and bought the cheapest groceries. These decisions heavily impacted my mental health, made my kids have a miserable childhood, and heavily strained relationships. This game has made me aware of the hardships that low income unemployed people undergo. The amount of tough decisions that they need to take is unbearable. This is why I always say to my family “Money doesn’t buy happiness but it sure does buy piece of mind allowing you to focus on the important stuff”. Finished the game with $35 dollars :).

Syrian Journey

Reason for Choice:

I wanted to put myself in the shoes of Syrian refugees and see how which decisions I would take. Another reason was I had to even though I did not want to do such since it might be distressing.


Syrian Journey is accurate and depressing. It shows us how nations treat the refugees, rejecting their visas, forcing them to break countless laws in order to find a stable life. The choices one has to make for his family are even harder signifying the paramount risks associated with fleeing your war-torn country. Honestly, this game made me appreciate Egypt’s military and intelligence community whom made sure that the country stay safe against internal and external threats and did not allow Egypt to reach the situation of Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Libya. This is just another extra blessing I thank God everyday for while sleeping comfortably in my house in the quiet peaceful outskirts of Cairo.

September 7th 2020:

Reason for Choice:

The reason I picked this game is how I feel it closely relates to me as a student. This game is exactly how I felt about AUC classes starting this semester, unhappy. Although F2F classes are more engaging, the combination of both online and F2F create some inconveniences in class timings that are unnecessary while adding risk of exposure to COVID.


Game is unrealistic by far. I do not like the notion of implying that the test taker is trans which I am definitely not. I do not feel like I was affected by BLM movement to the extent that I get stressed and cry myself to sleep and have anxiety attacks. On a separate note, I feel that educational experience encountered by the student is actually realistic to what I have experienced. On a separate note, I would like to add that having open book exams online are much easier than open book exams on campus due to the small space offered. Essentially, this simply matches my experience; however, being a person with determination tends to make the experience on students much harder.

Skills Practice: (A home visit)

Reason for Choice:

Honestly out of curiosity. The game takes a lot of time to finish; however, it familiarizes the way nurses work which is interesting.


This is by the far the best game I have played so far. The incredible level of detail is unprecedented. This game tends to show how community nurses work and the problems they need to face. Showcasing the intricacies of the decision making process, this game tends to make you understand the sensitivities of the work itself and how to best approach domestic abuse victims. Honestly, this game made me appreciate growing up in a peaceful and stable household. This game tends to emphasize the need for female empowerment and independence encouraging them to speak up not only about sexual harassment or rape but also domestic abuse.

The Voter Suppression Trial:

Reason for Choice:

I am extremely interested in US politics and the sharp divides between the Democratic Party and Republican Party. I always read about voter suppression in the United States and how it tends to positively impact the Republican party. This game is a good way to explore this situation.


I played two times since the very first time I lost in the first round. Playing as Latin nurse from Texas, the lack of polling centres themselves made me go across town to vote. Upon waiting for 92 minutes, the voter intimidation tactics as well as the three previous impossible decisions of leaving my children, my vote was not cast. Mail in voting has seen many states in America flip blue since it makes voting more accessible to the people. This is obscene and voting by mail should be standardized across all America. Playing as a white programmes in California, the voting place was empty and the voting process did not take more than a minute. The juxtaposition between both scenarios is unreal and entirely unfair which ensures that people of colour and different race should are not taken into account.

Street Sweepers:

Reason for choice:

I read the blog article written prior to the game. A main point mentioned was “trying to add positivity” in the game. I wanted to understand the challenges such people face and learn more about their struggles.


Upon finishing the game, I realized that this wall a day’s share of struggles. This was one day only! Upon finishing the game, I was humiliated, begged for money, didn’t spend the night with my family, etc… In Egypt, these people who tend to our cities and ensure they are clean are unfairly compensated and treated unfairly. As I previously mentioned, I am privileged and had another empathetic journey with the low income workers.

Final Words:

The world is a vast and diverse place. People tend to categorize people based on some traits not on their experiences. People need to empathize and understand that they always need to be compassionate and empathetic not judgemental.


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Construction Engineering Student at AUC

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