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Self Development Post 3


The past 3 months were the first ever on-ground experience for me. I was appointed by my neighbour to do the exterior paint finishes and marble works that were installed. Seeing that he was neighbour, I gave the neighbour the contacts of the (صنايعي-Worker) as a sign of good faith that I will not receive any profits but only oversee the work itself. In order to do such, I needed to understand the different types of paint, and putties and their applicable uses. Seeing that the owner wanted a smooth finish, you can only use (water based paints). Other paint types such as lacquer and oil based paints are unsuitable and too expensive. Jotun Jotashield was used to ensure maximum resistance to rainwater and sunlight. Also and added benefit was having all colours computerized thus there would have never been a dispute regarding the colour.

Focusing on the marble works, I got to know the procedure for receiving the raw material, proper inspection, developing the required slope if needed, and the actual installation, and polishing of it. After conducting extensive research, marble was found to be sensitive to sunlight and water. I advised the owner with the strongest terms possible to use granite which is a much better alternative (Granite is an igneous rock, formed by lava, which makes it very strong and resistant). The main problem was though there were not available local granite colours in beige or brown. Searching in Shaa el Taeban (شق الثعبان-Area famous for marble/granite factories), I found very elegant yet expensive imported granite options which costs 1300 LE +++ per square meter. Having 265sqm flooring requirements alone excluding the staircases, do the math for the kind of money needed. We then opted for a cheap yet reliable and sturdy Egyptian marble called Triesta which was in the price range of 180LE per sqm.


This job required daily site inspections to ensure the quality of the work was maintained, rectifying errors when needed, and negotiating on behalf of the owner to reduce money required when possible. The job required tho a lot of research. I even have a dedicated Google Drive for the material.

If you ever need engineering consultations, feel free to contact me anytime 🙂

Pictures of before and after are shown here.

Villa During Rennovation Processes

After Completion


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