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Self Development Post #2

Data Analysis Courses:

The previous month, I have been focusing on developing my coding skills. I have enrolled in 2 courses offered by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology under Udacity. I have successfully completed the Data Analysis: Challenger track. Under such track, I was exposed the different types of data, and their applications. It focused on exposing us to the different Excel functions and how to visualize data properly to communicate the message clearly. The last module in this course focused on capturing real web data. I honestly used this functionality to import stock prices in an attempt to better invest and have better prospects. Nowadays, I have enrolled in the Data Analysis: Professional Track which is more advanced. This track has started in April and is to end in May. In this program, I have focused on learning Python, Num Pi, and Pandas.


Following the COVID 19 outbreak, stock markets around the world have been losing value; however, I believe that anything that goes down will eventually reach a correction phase. With that being said, I have been learning more about the technical analysis of stocks. I have started learning a lot of what the candlestick charts have to offer and started to practice by viewing such charts in real time and assessing the accuracy of such method.


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