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Motivation for Game:

I am not creative when it comes to games at all. I merely enjoy playing them. Creating a digital narrative game was challenging. I was moved and fascinated by the game Skills Practice: A Home Visit. This was by the far the best game I have played so far. The game employed an extremely engaging mechanism whereas each scenario was videotaped in an attempt to showcase what really happens. The incredible level of detail is unprecedented. Outlining the myriad choices and the dilemma in the decision making process, this game tends to make you understand the sensitivities of the work itself and how to best approach domestic abuse victims. This game was my inspired me to create a game with a similar theme: impactful, beneficial, and engaging.


Seeing that I am a construction engineering student, I hoped to create a game in my field of expertise. Having a passion for the discipline, I yearned to create a game which showcases the intricacies of the job. Having set an idea in motion, I started to create the research needed. I created a detailed in depth analysis of the different project delivery types, contract types, their interrelationships, and safety practices. It was deemed as plagiarized or copied from my notes; however, I need to mention that my notes are much more complicated than the research I provided and are not related directly to this. It was my mistake; however, that the research was very construction oriented with little to no relevance to anyone outside the field.

Focusing on creating a beneficial, impactful, and engaging game, I added an additional 8 scenarios totalling 16 different scenarios in an attempt to create a diverse and open game. I tried to incorporate the concept of virtual tours by bringing real life examples to the game to make it engaging. Sample contracts were added as well to to simulate a contracts engineer reading an actual contract and determining the attributable risks. Scenarios were given, research was inputted in super simple English, and a dynamic scenario regarding quality was introduced. All of the following was added to ensure a smooth game experience to ensure that nothing about this game is technical. Everything is explained and the answers are in broad daylight. Hints are added whenever needed to smooth things out. I focused and put a lot of effort to make the user learn rather than already be an expert to win this game. All image credits were attributed and a theme is present throughout the game. This game is not hard; however, similar to Skills Practice: A Home Visit, this game requires a person to focus to complete it.

I woke my brother, a computer engineer, up prior to publishing to see his input on the game. My brother, at 8am to test the game. He used poor judgement in two scenarios from 10 in a total of 3 minutes which indicates the game is relatively easier now. Recalling the first draft partner discussions, my partners got all answers incorrect and took 5 minutes approximately. This is progress elhamdullah 🙂

Learned Principles from Research and Game:

Researching quality measures, this somehow lead me into construction waste. One way or another, I found myself reading about the never-ending strain construction whether it be materials or the building process itself exerts on the environment and ecosystem. It has been noted that human practices have been wasteful and not sustainable in any means. Construction is exploiting the natural resources of the earth at unprecedented rates. Nations cut down entire forests for the purposes creating more land for urbanization, road building, and projects. Others destroy coral reefs to create ports for ships. These harsh and unruly practices have significantly affected the ecosystem and put many animals on the verge of extinction.

Ecosystem destruction is already happening. Approximately 25% of our coral reefs have disappeared and it is expected that 60% more will be gone in 30 years. Deforestation is caused by illegal logging. Rather than sourcing wood for construction and other uses from sustainable forests, lots of forests have been burned or cut down. Habitat loss is endangering our animal species. Ecosystems are reaching critical thresholds beyond which they will no longer be able to recover. The effects of these practices are disastrous and treacherous. Humans need to innovate and create new techniques and technologies to maximize the efficiency of the land they use in order to prevent such dire consequences. With that being said, the emphasis for green construction methodology has never been greater and this is why I will start tackling such.


If I had more time, I would have focused on creating virtual field trips, actual site visits, to create a much more engaging experience. On a separate note, I would have added a third project type option, a powerplant, to cover the BOT project delivery method type and the quality and safety measures implemented in such projects.

Game Link: A Construction Manager’s Day (


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