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Digital Literacies Tinkering Assignment 4: Design Assignments

Interstellar Quote

The following assignment follows the following guidelines: ds106 Assignments: Favorite Movie Quote. These guidelines require that we impose a quote from our favorite movie upon a snippet from the movie itself. I will relate this to discovery of blackholes and how I discuss the accuracy of the movie itself. Using Gravit, an online photo editor, I added some text to the picture and played around with the effects. Essentially, the purpose of such was to experiment with using online photo editors. I focused on having a consistent theme making the quote relatable to the image itself. Why this quote? Why this movie? This quote simply captures the resilience and grit of the human race in the face of unbelievable odds. Facing a suffocating planet, a team of scientists and engineers are racing against time to find a habitable home for the remaining people on Earth. The continuous hurdles that they encounter place them in difficult situations which require ingenuity and a bit of sci-fi fakeness to make it through. During such tense scenarios, the aforementioned quote is narrated to evoke that feeling of perseverance .

On a second note, prior to 2019, there has been never a direct image of a blackhole. Seeing that the movie was filmed in 2014, 5 year prior to the first ever image of a black hole, the accuracy of the image is stunning.

See the source image
The black hole at the centre of galaxy M87. Credit: Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration

This blackhole image required an international collaboration with ground telescopes, observing under different light frequencies, and over 8 locations across the planet to capture such an image. Aside from such, the movie generated blackhole was based on the calculations by supercomputers to simulate such.


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