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2 thoughts on “Game Draft

  1. The game is interesting and it let you know about things that happen in construction that you wouldn’t normally know about. I also liked that there are explanations for the terminologies used.


  2. hi Adham – it feels like for someone who is not a construction engineer to play this game, you need to explain all the terms as you play them. Remember I mentioned some things related to use of visuals, etc. You may be doing this later on, but the first 3 or 4 questions are completely technical, with no explanation to help the player make the right decision

    Let me give you an example. The game for Syrian journey. None of us know the risks involved in trying to flee Syria through one direction or another, but the game tells you “this direction has a better chance of X but you will risk Y”. If you can provide concise explanations for what each choice entails, then an intelligent person who is not knowledgeable about the field could guess what might be a good decision, you know? Also, get feedback from an engineer who understands this stuff, because they will be able to tell you technically if you’re on the right path…

    Let me know how it goes – good effort, though, even if I don’t understand how to make choices. The game is playable. I just want to see the game being one where someone can LEARN rather than it testing what someone already knows, you know? Because then it would be like a case-study-quiz type of thing, not a learning game. Does that make sense?


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