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Self Development #1

Academic Commitments:

  • Prior to Assignment: Committing 3 hours of my day for studying, I have always been committed to attain excellent grades. I really believe in the value of education and working hard to engrave the engineering fundamentals within.
  • After Reflection: Since I work 2-part time jobs during my semester, I barely have enough time to study. I have shifted my study patterns to work 6 hours on Tuesday and dedicating and 2 hours per day for the whole week. My biggest problem has been procrastination. The influx of notifications is bothersome and has been detrimental to maintain a focused mind-set during this online mode of learning.

Spiritual Level:

  • Prior to Assignment: When my step dad passed away on July 11th, 2017, I was stunned. I never believed that he would die of a such a young age and without any underlying medical cause. He simply never woke up. It was at this moment that I took an oath to pray all required 5 prayers and on time. Initially, I was extremely punctual. I focused to keep myself clean to ensure that I can pray without the need to use redo my wood. Unfortunately, upon entering AUC, everything changed. Engineering majors take a lot of my time and I honestly started forgetting to pray slowly, or simply pushing them all together at the end of the day.
  • After Reflection: I downloaded an app to remind me of the prayers. Honestly, the app was useless. My phone is always on silent thus it barely created any impact whatsoever.

Time Management:

  • Prior to Assignment: No formal system to judge myself. Primarily focused tasks that needed to be finished. My priority has been primarily dedicated purely to academic commitments, family, friends, and self-learning.
  • After Reflection:  I know upload all my schedule on a google calendar with a recurring meeting for my fixed commitments which are lectures, work meetings, and research meetings. I write down all the required assignments in a yellow notepad to keep track of what I have to do to ensure that nothing is forgotten. There has been a significant improvement with respect to submitting quality assignment on time.


  • Prior to Assignment: Developmental reading was key to my development during the first 2 years in AUC. I had ambitions to run for elections therefore I focused primarily on political books such as The Prince, The Art of War, and The 48 Rules of Power.
  • After Reflection: There has been no change; however, I believe that there is need a for more technical readings needed to enhance my knowledge regarding the field. I have started downloading technical books primarily focused in the areas of construction claims and primarily focus on the domain of law in construction engineering

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Construction Engineering Student at AUC

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