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“COVID Driving Digital Transformation in Industry”

COVID 19 has forced construction companies to undertake necessary aggressive digital transformation plans enabling resilient supply chain management, enhanced occupational health and safety management, and on-site construction equipment and services management.

By doing doing some research, I was exposed to End to End Digital Project Delivery platforms focussed on Scope Management and its Execution across design deliverables, preconstruction planning, onsite construction & services, quality and integrated Health, Safety & Environment (HSE).

The cloud based software modules are independent, yet intrinsically integrated on the platform. Clearly defined, changes detected early and alerts raised for faster decision making.

The solution uniquely brings a comprehensive cloud based command & control tower, GIS -Map tagged intelligence and manufacturing based assembly line efficiencies in construction and solve problems at the root causes. It provides tremendous visibility to all stake holders to reduce interruption and rework in project execution. Such solutions help construction management professionals digitize site processes and give real-time site updates in order to better manage change, enhance visibility, and accountability to all stakeholders. The future of construction engineering is already here.


Published by adhamsherif99

Construction Engineering Student at AUC

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